For more than two centuries, Crazy Cat Lady University has built on its purrstastic strengths to develop responsible and compassionate crazy cat ladies who are ready to become leaders and address the challenges of the feline world with a degree in Catology.

In an environment of collaboration across disciplines, our students are challenged to discover and expand their knowledge of the feline world through:

  • Research and scholarship: Experience the challenge and excitement of learning the various interpretations of the deceptively simple “meow”.
  • Community engagement: Students are encouraged to serve local shelters, become foster kitty parents and help their communities better understand the mysterious musings of cats.
  • Preparation: Students learn to appreciate how cats shaped the world through thousands of years of hisstory and the serious conscientiousness involved in obtaining the official title of Crazy Cat Lady.

CCLU’s tongue-in-cheek curriculum provides our students meow-ducational platforms for inno-meow-vation and dynamic cat-tivity, advanced feline intellectual skills and the development of a keen sense of the personal and social responsibilities involved in choosing environmentally ecologically healthy catnip.

The result? Our students are proud to stand up and be recognized as officially certified graduate crazy cat ladies, becoming gold-standard ambassadors for the world’s feline communities!