A University Rich in Feline History

Elspeth P. Meowington and her cat, Mr. Butters.

Elspeth P. Meowington, with one of her fourteen cats, Mr. Butters.

In August 1768, Elspeth P. Meowington, a feline fancier, founded the Crazy Cat Lady University (CCLU). The CCLU began in her living room with approximately three other ladies, who were also enthusiastically fond of their feline companions.

For years, the university faced ridicule and humiliation from the local dog and horse communities about its meow-ducational efforts. However, when the American Revolution came about in 1776, the CCLU was directly involved in efforts helping win the war for independence. The CCLU graduates carried important secret military messages, stashed in their cat’s collars and carrying cases, across all parts of the country.  After all, who would ever suspect a feline fancying crazy cat lady of being a spy? Eventually, their efforts helped to overcome long-held untruths about cat ladies and the cats they love. The CCLU was finally recognized in its own right as a respected meow-ducational institution.

Ok, so Elspeth wasn’t a real person, however…